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Anne A.

Everyone helped me regain my strength, especially Hannah and Goldshawn.  Thanks you!

Edgar A.

"I am very pleased about the extent of my improvement over the past month: my left shoulder pain and inability to perform some basic movements has almost totally disappeared. Thanks for your wonderful help!"

Max L.

"Excellent experience overall with staff and therapy. David Ogilvie is thoroughly professional and excellent in his treatment. Personable, friendly, and organized. Takes personal interest and commitment in his patients. Thanks"

Lauren J.

I loved working with Hannah!  She really helped me stregthen my shoulders for volleyball!

Michael A.

The Care was really good, from day one all were careful to watch me and let me heal slowly.  The attention to detail was great, i would trust them in the future with my care.  I would also tell others they would get good and honest care.

Thomas L.

10/10 would recommend, 100% would have hip surgery again just to hang with Hannah, Rick and the whole gang again.

Barbara Howe

“When I first started, the outside of my left foot was very painful. It does not hurt at all now! My balance has been very weak for some time, and it too has improved. Even though I have a long way to go, Hannah has given me exercises to do at home. I’m confident that they will help my balance greatly! Hannah is so very patient and she has encouraged me to do the exercises at home. I am sure by following her direction it will make a great difference! I can already tell 1 have some better balance. Hannah is a great teacher! “

Michael B.

“TriPT has been an excellent place to continue my healing. The therapists are warm, friendly and knowledge. They took the time to ask my personal goals and tailored my therapy to help me achieve them. Physical activity has always been an important part of my life. Arthritis took that away from me. TriPT helped me get back on the golf course and back in the gym! Ricardo and all the other team are excellent people.”

Sydney M.

I love coming here whenever I injure myself because they always make me 100% better. Rick was terrific in helping strengthen and get my ankle more flexible. I had an awesome experience and everyone is nice and helpful. I would recommend others to come here first for therapy.

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