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Physical Therapy | Personal Training | Sports Performance

Optimizing Results Through OUTCOMES

In July 2002, distinguished personal trainer Phil Tinder and renowned Florida Hospital Physical Therapist/Manager Ed Dullmeyer founded Dullmeyer Physical Therapy and Fit 4 Life Personal Training to combine over 20 years of experience in the Central Florida community. Insisting on quality patient care and a lifestyle focused approach to personal training; Phil and Ed’s mission was to “Make a Difference, One Patient at a Time.”

In November 2004, Eric Dullmeyer left a prominent position at a prestigious hospital in Chicago to use his gifts alongside his brother to continue the company mission while now supporting over 50 different doctors referring patients and clients. Together the three partners joined business names to create TriPT with the goal of communicating a unique collection of services where health, fitness, sports performance and physical therapy unite to enhance the ability to help you “Be Your Best”. TriPT is a place where all ages and abilities can improve their life, utilizing proven methods and resources. And most importantly, a place where the lasting relationships with those under the care of TriPT is always considered the most valuable bottom line.



Physical Therapy

At TriPT, your Physical Therapist begins your treatment with a thorough medical evaluation allowing for the creation of an individualized plan of care. Your plan of care will include the best, evidenced-based treatments that provide for optimal results. Our goal is to have you returning to optimal function with a plan to maintain your health throughout every stage of life. 


Personal Training

Our Objective - We are passionate about helping you achieve your health goals and living at your best.


Sports Performance

Sports Performance training starts with a thorough assessment leading to an individualized program designed to get you the best results. At TriPT we build your program with the goal of achieving the best on field performance while decreasing your injury risk. 



"The corporate fitness program is one of the best ‘gifts’ I have ever received. Taking control is easier said than done. This program has made taking control of my fitness a priority. And – it has made my friends quite envious of where I work!…"

Tanya Peake, K. Hovnanian Cambridge Homes

Corporate Fitness

"When I first started training at TriPT, I thought that I was ready for my endeavor as a division three football player. I thought I was strong enough and in good enough shape. Boy was I wrong! On only the second day of training with Mike Akerson, I found myself exhausted and vomiting. When I went back to tell Mike that I had ‘gotten sick’ I figured he would let me go home. I was wrong again as Mike told me to get back to work. Mike demanded more out of me and would only settle for the absolute best that I could give him. Of course, at the time, I wanted to rip his head off for dragging me through such a torturous and grueling workout, but at the end of each day I left feeling better about myself as an athlete as well as a person. I’ve been transformed in to a stronger, faster, and all around better athlete… "

Jon McKinney, Guilford College Football

Sports Performance

I loved working with Hannah!  She really helped me stregthen my shoulders for volleyball!


May 4th, 2020

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